A downloadable game for Windows

An amateur photographer snaps more than he bargained for whilst taking photos of rare birds in the North American wilderness. 

Is someone there?

Now he must repair his radio to get home, FAST. (Lots of swearing*)

Estimated playing time ~  3-10 minutes

Sam Barkes (Artstation) - Game Design, Programming

Anna Plachkova (Artstation) - Assets & Textures

Katie Wickens (Artstation) - Graphic, Sound & Level design

Dan Holdsworth (PM us) - Voiceover

This game was originally made for GGJ 2019

Install instructions

Unzip and run .exe

Controls displayed in-game

You can now save your photos in-game by pressing H they'll appear next to the game's .exe in the folder.


BirdWatch1.4.zip 753 MB


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Completely terrifying.  Nicely done!

Played your game in an Indie Romp, Loved the camera mechanic hope you enjoy he video

Your game starts at the 5 min mark

I enjoyed that, it was a good laugh, thanks!

Tried it out...

Gave it a go...

It was short, could use a lot of polish and made into a grander (Larger) game experience but it was overall, for the time it took to beat it? A solid short horror game.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback. We made V.1 in 48 hours for the Global game jam. I'm going to polish it up and I'm certainly considering making a full game with this mechanic in. Glad you enjoyed it :)